Flat rate tillage payment proposed to increase area
Siobhán Walsh
A number of different groups came together to discuss proposals to maintain and increase the tillage area.
3 August 2022 Schemes
ACRES: the measures which farmers will be paid for
Darren Carty takes a look at some of the measures farmers will be required to carry out under the new ACRES. Payment rates under the scheme are expected to be published soon.
3 August 2022 News
Almost 70,000 drystock farmers apply for Fodder Support Scheme
The counties with the highest number of applications were Galway, Mayo, Cork, Roscommon, Clare and Donegal.
Flat-rate tillage payment and expanded straw scheme suggested
A sub-group of the National Fodder and Food Security Committee met to propose ways to increase tillage area.
29 July 2022 News
Tillage stakeholders meet to decide on proposals for Minister
A proposal is due to be sent to Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue in the coming days which will make suggestions on how to increase the tillage area in this country.
28 July 2022 News
Tullamore Farm open day: what had farmers to say?
Farmers attending the Tullamore Fram open day shared their thoughts on the beef sector. Noel Bardon and Barry Murphy report.
27 July 2022 News
Tillage farmers need scheme to grow forage crops – IFA
The IFA grain chair has said favourable weather has meant harvests are seven to 10 days ahead of last year and tillage farmers now have a “great opportunity” to grow forage crops.
25 July 2022 News
Almost 40,000 farmers apply for €1,000 silage payment
Farmers have until 2 August to submit an application to the €56m Fodder Support Scheme.
23 July 2022 Schemes
Silage analysis points to higher feed costs
Broken weather during May and June has led to a drop in first cut silage quality on Northern Ireland farms
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
22,922 applications to fodder Support scheme
There have been an additional 8,736 applications submitted over the last two weeks.
13 July 2022 Schemes
How much is a standing crop of silage worth?
Where farmers have ample fodder reserves after first cut, there may be an opportunity to sell surplus grass as a standing crop. Kieran Mailey outlines the costs involved.
13 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Tillage incentives, but no P and K in the country for autumn
There has been a call for an increase in tillage area in this country. However, there is no P and K in the country for autumn.
13 July 2022 News