The Scottish beef price has dropped again in abattoirs, with many paying £4.10/kg for an R grade steer.

The official Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Scottish beef price for an R4L steer is £4.21/kg, which is 5p/kg down.

Same-grade heifers were £4.23/kg, which is down 4p on the week. The young bull price fell 5p to £4.12/kg deadweight.

Finished cows were reported by the AHDB at £3.00/kg for an 0-4, which is down 4p/kg on the week.

The liveweight price for cull cows in Scotland is £1.48/kg at the moment, which is 12p/kg more than England.

Thainstone sold 976 store cattle last Friday, with steers averaging £2.53/kg up 3p on the week and heifers £2.36/kg down 11p/kg.

There was also a sale of 390 breeding cattle with heifers with a bull calf averaging £2,467 and outfits with a heifer calf averaging £2,430.

Older cows and bull calves averaged £2,180 and with a heifer calf was £2,295. There was also 52 in-calf heifers sold which averaged £1,736.

United Auctions sold 1,122 store cattle, with steers averaging £2.40/kg and heifers averaging £2.38/kg.

St Bosewells held its fortnightly store sale, with steers averaging £2.43/kg and heifers £2.32/kg.

Lamb price

Scottish abattoirs are paying between £6.30/kg and £6.50/kg for hoggets. The live ring for hoggets fell again, with Ayr averaging at £2.54/kg, Lanark £2.73/kg and St Boswells £2.73/kg.

United Auctions last Thursday sold 301 spring lambs for an average of £3.23/kg, up 4p/kg, and 1,595 prime hoggets to an average of £2.75/kg, which is up 1p/kg.

Across Scotland, the average for the week ending 22 May was £2.71/kg for the 4,838 medium-weight hoggets, down 7p/kg.

New-season lambs are making £3.20/kg liveweight, down 10p/kg for the 1,210 that were sold last week.

The AHDB price for across GB for last week was £6.61/kg for an R3L carcase hogget, which is down 9p/kg. The new-season lamb price is £6.68/kg, down 52p/kg, for an R3L for nearly 22,000 killed, up 40% on the week.

The ewe price in Scotland is £86/head, which is down £3 on the week for just over 4,100 sold.

Fodder sale

Thainstone sold only 1,088 bales of fodder – around the same as the previous week.

Inside 5ft round bales were selling for £16/bale, down £2, and inside hay for £19/bale, up £6.50. Silage bales were making £11.50/bale.

At the crop sale at Carlilse Mart, mini hestons sold for £142/t and round bales to £39/bale.