Among the wide range of updated wares on the Claas stand was the new Disco 1010 plain butterfly mower, claiming to be the widest non-telescopic mowers on the market.

The two booms suspended at the centre of gravity feature the unique vector folding system. The mowers are moved hydraulically, into a diagonal 120° transport position and remain below the 4m transport height.

Lying diagonally behind the tractor on the headstock, this shifts the centre of gravity to the tractor’s longitudinal axis, according to Claas. The company says that compared to mowers that swivel backwards, the load on the front axle of the tractor is reduced by around 50%.

With a working width of up to 9.9m, the new 1010, according to Claas, has a power requirement of just 150hp. The firm also says the mower bed can be operated at a reduced speed of 850 rpm saving up to 20% on diesel.

All Disco disc mowers built after 2022 will have the caps and mower blades of the anti-clockwise rotating discs painted red. This means replacement blades can be immediately assigned to the appropriate mower discs.