Samasz butterflies tried and tested after 20,000 acres
Gary Abbott
Gary Abbott caught up with Padraig Smith, now on his third set of Samasz butterfly mowers to find out how the brand has performed having cut over 20,000 acres.
The Grass Week: strong growth but showers to pause mowing surplus grass
Some showers set to sweep across the country over the next week will put a pause on mowers hitting fields.
Seven step mower maintenance guide
With first cut fast approaching, Gary Abbott offers some tips worth considering to ensure your mower is ready to make a clean consistent cut and hassle-free silage season.
Combine sales down 30% while foragers dropped marginally
New year on year (22 v 21) combine registrations were down 30%, while new forager registrations were down just 2.5% on last year.
4 January 2023 News