Social Farming Model contracts to the Leitrim Integrated Development Company (€121,000), the South Kerry Development Partnership (€123,000) and to the Cork branch of Down Syndrome Ireland (€118,515) have been extended. Support under the 2018 Rural Innovation and Development Fund for social farming is totalling €712,515.

“I am very pleased to continue with our support for social farming model projects and network. This important initiative helps to provide a significant service throughout rural communities for disadvantaged groups who are availing of a range of health service supports,” Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed said.

Leitrim Development Company has also been awarded an extension to its contract for the design, development and implementation of a social farming network across Ireland.

Support service

Social farming is the practice of offering, on a voluntary basis, farming and horticultural participation in a farming environment as a choice to people who avail of a range of therapeutic day support services.

The extension of the Social Farming Network Project with associated funding of €350,000 will allow Leitrim Development Company to continue to develop the network of social farming in Ireland in conjunction with the regional hubs.

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