The Worcestershire-based hedge cutter manufacturer Spearhead has recently reintroduced its Twiga Pro Series range now consisting of seven models ranging in reach from 6.0m to 8.0m.

The 7.4m flagship model VFR74 is Spearhead’s first machine to offer a variable forward reach (VFR) arm.

It offers a maximum working reach of 8m, as well as forwards and backwards movements. The entire series features an 85hp hydraulic system.

Various updates and changes have been made to the series since it was last officially offered in 2018.

One of the major updates is the now lighter Strenx main frame, as well as uprated pin size, and the firm’s signature self-cooling tank with baffles to disperse heat outwards.

A proportional oil cooler provides cooling with variable speed settings depending on the operator’s cooling requirements.

An automatic function reverses the oil cooler fan every 45 minutes, depending on load to remove dust or debris. A debris blower can also be optioned, depending on customer requirements.

As a result of the Pro series reintroduction, the top-of-the-range Flex series has also been updated, including an upgraded tank design and the same Strenx main frame, but with a 650mm offset slew pivot.

Other changes to the Flex include a new slew ram location and improved oil cooler, as well as a new arm stop bracket for transport.