Hedge-cutting season less than a month away
Peter Thomas Keaveney
The open period for hedge-cutting begins on 1 September and runs until 28 February.
3 August 2022 Contracting
Twenty years of Twose trimmers in the southeast
Gary Abbott speaks with Kilkenny contractor Tom Butler to find out why he’s been running Twose hedge cutters since the early 2000s.
7 June 2022 News
Limerick farmer pours €46,000 worth of milk into slurry tank
A dispute between a dairy farmer and Limerick County Council over hedge-cutting is leading to the farmer pouring his milk into a slurry tank.
Hedge-cutting not allowed from 1 March
The month of March has a lot of different dates for cutting hedgerows and field margins which need to be adhered to.
25 February 2022 Climate and environment