John Paul Bennett and his wife Laura recently needed fencing for their home and farm located in Castletown, Co Laois.

As John Paul puts it: “We wanted a hard-wearing product to fence our site securely to keep out livestock and keep in pets, while also being aesthetically pleasing.”

While this may have been a straightforward process in the past, since the ban on creosote kicked in last year, it did leave John Paul with some decisions to make.

“The ban on creosote did limit our options in regards to what fencing to get,” he said.

Having researched the options available, they reached out to FRS Fencing to get additional support.

“We had contacted our local FRS salesperson Paul Dunne for advice in advance of this. When choosing a fence, we were concerned with durability and environmental factors.

“He suggested DURA² fencing and provided some brochures and a sample of the product. We were happy with its many beneficial aspects.

“We did like the look of creosote, so DURA² was able to give us that same visual effect without the smell of creosote. We were happy to choose this option, as we really liked the look of it.”

Working with FRS Fencing, the Bennetts installed DURA² fencing. The project involved three different types of fencing.

The first fence involved 250m 3ft horse wire and one row of 3in high-tensile barbed wire erected on DURA² 1.8m x 100mm machine rounded posts.

This was followed by a second fence which was 146m of DURA² post and three-rail fence, with 3ft horse wire attached using 2.1m 125x75mm posts and 5m 100x48mm rails.

The final and third fence consisted of 125m of high-tensile single electric wire on DURA² 1.5m, 100mm machine rounded posts. This fence was erected on the field side of the site to keep the cattle away from the post and rail site fence.

We are extremely happy with how the fencing turned out. It has transformed our property from a building site to a home

“We would recommend DURA² fencing for its durability, its environmentally friendly features and how visually appealing it is. And the service provided by FRS was top class,” John Paul said.

DURA² is regarded as one of the highest-quality creosote alternatives, with DURA² posts blending well with existing creosote fencing. It comes with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 20 years.

FRS has sourced this product exclusively to replace creosote in the Irish market.

Manufactured from slow-grown pine, DURA² has no unpleasant odour. It has also been approved under the biocidal product regulations, passing all the environmental, human and animal risk requirements.

It can be used for a wide variety of fencing needs, including residential, equestrian and agricultural fencing solutions. The durability of DURA² means the posts can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining structural integrity.

The timber is available in machine round, pointed posts, pointings straining posts, redwood pine and kiln dried.

The Department of Agriculture recently approved the use of DURA² for fencing grants, meaning anyone wishing to apply under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) can include DURA² fencing.

DURA² is exclusively available from FRS Fencing.

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