Virtual fencing could be a game-changer for farmers - study
Amy Forde
The virtual fencing pilot took place on 12 sites covering a total grazing area of 7,184ha over three years.
21 December 2022 News
Farmer views wanted on deer culls
The consultation wants to here the public's views on control deer options, as well as the damage caused by deer.
22 November 2022 News
Clarity needed on future plans for Leitrim farms affected by landslide
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced that a €500,000 fund would be put in place for farmers affected by the landslide which occurred in 2020.
Farmer questions answered on new CAP schemes in Tuam
Department of Agriculture officials answered key farmer questions in relation to the next CAP in Tuam, Co Galway last week.
16 November 2022 Schemes
Young Stock Podcast: fencing hill land with the help of a helicopter
On this week's Young Stock Podcast, Amy Forde chats to beef and sheep farmer Eimear Wallace from Maam, Co Galway.
14 November 2022 Podcast
End of the road for creosote as EU bans use in agriculture
No new derogation has been given for the use of creosote as a wood preservative for agricultural use following a decision from EU member states, spelling the end of treatment of fencing posts.
25 October 2022 Buildings
Time to close paddocks for the winter
Attention is now turning to closing up paddocks for the winter in order to have enough grass for the spring, write Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Over 75% of third tranche of Tier 1 claimed
Delays in getting machinery on farm had meant uptake of the third tranche of Tier 1 was slower than before.
5 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Five options for weaning spring-born calves
Suckler farmers will be thinking of weaning spring-born calves over the next few weeks, with various methods used. Outlined are five options for weaning.
1 October 2022 Management
Virtually no limits for MSD
The announcement will combine nicely with their Sensehub collars, which are gaining traction in the dairy sector of late.
28 September 2022 Dealer
Five tips for utilising autumn grass
Grazing can be tricky to manage in autumn, but following some of the outlined tips can help improve grass utilisation.
24 September 2022 Management
Increased payments rates for EFS wider level
The increased payments in this phase of Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) mostly apply to measures that involve fencing.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland