The Grass Week: end of grazing as covers deplete and conditions deteriorate
Martin Merrick
Low utilisation has led to covers on farms that continued to graze to rapidly disappear, while ground conditions called a halt to grazing for many before now.
1 November 2023 Farm machinery
Watch: 60cc pro Husky put to the test
Gary Abbott recently put the 60cc 562 XP model from Husqvarna's professional chainsaw division to test to see how it performed.
9 October 2023 News
ACRES non-productive investments and payment rates now available
Farmers in the ACRES co-operative approach can avail of €17,500 for carrying out non-productive environmental actions over the five-year ACRES contract.
Copper oil not yet TAMS-approved - Department
The Department have confirmed that copper oil treated posts have not yet been included on the approved farm fencing list.
4 October 2023 Schemes
Dairy management: weather woes on heavy land
Aidan Brennan writes that extremely high rainfall in September is making grazing very difficult for farmers.
2 October 2023 Management
The Grass Week: warm soils keeping growth afloat
Soils are between 3.4°C and 6.2°C above normal, which has been the main reason for strong growth figures recently.
16 September 2023 Grass & feeding
Creosote alternatives: the options and prices
With a good deal of farm fencing to be completed in the next few months, Martin Merrick looks at some of the alternatives of the now banned creosote products.
13 September 2023 Buildings
Letter: the end of the golden hoof on tillage farms in Ireland
On my home farm, all the grassland is at the other side of the lane from the tillage fields but if you allow the sheep back on to the grass in the winter where will you find spring grass?
30 August 2023 Letters
€250 on-the-spot fine for selling creosote posts
The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that no retailers have as of yet been fined for the sale of creosote products after the introduction of a ban on their sale.
23 August 2023 Buildings
Five tips for creep grazing calves
Creep grazing lets youngstock get the best grass on farm and helps prepare calves for weaning. Outlined are some tips to get up and running.
19 August 2023 Management
Letters to the Editor: ACRES scheme query
"After a while talking, he said he would have to take some points off for a couple of things." - Name and address with the Editor.
9 August 2023 Letters
Dexter cows and musical fences: protecting an ancient hill fort
Dexter cows have been trained to associate musical beats transmitted through solar-powered collars with virtual fencing, replacing the need for conventional fencing.
18 July 2023 News