Creosote ban comes into effect from Tuesday
Martin Merrick
Monday 30 April is the final day that retailers will be permitted to sell creosote products for agricultural use.
26 April 2023 Infrastructure
TAMS III: sheep and cattle fencing requirements
Sheep fencing was a popular option for many in TAMS II, with TAMS III now including cattle fencing being grant-aided for the first time, writes Martin Merrick and Darren Carty.
26 April 2023 Infrastructure
Infrastructure a key link in the chain of attracting young people
A safe and enjoyable working environment is just one of the necessities if we are to try and tempt younger people back to agriculture.
Understanding your TAMS III application
Martin Merrick details some of the key details that farmers should know when making their TAMS III application.
19 April 2023 Buildings
Top tips for rotational grazing
For farmers looking to try rotational grazing, Kieran Mailey outlines some helpful tips for beginners.
19 April 2023 Northern Ireland
Organic TAMS now open with grant aid of 60%
The Organic Capital Investment Scheme is the fourth scheme opened as part of the phased rollout of TAMS III.
19 April 2023 News
50 years of fencing: Cheetah celebrates half century of electric fencing
Cheetah Electric Fencing began in Carlow from humble beginnings in 1973 in a small caravan, with a new Northern Ireland office now planned for 2023.
11 April 2023 Buildings
Schemes update: TAMS III and cattle fencing requirements
With a €2.77 per metre reference cost, cattle electric fencing can comprise of one or two strands of an electric fence, while funding is also available for gates and solar-powered electric fencers.
7 April 2023 Schemes
TAMS III for beef farmers: handling, housing and slurry storage
Martin Merrick looks at some of the options that will be available to beef farmers now that TAMS III has opened for applications.
5 April 2023 Buildings
TAMS: apply now for slurry storage, fencing and housing grants
The terms and conditions of the TAMS animal welfare and nutrient storage scheme and the marking sheet have been launched by the Department of Agriculture.
28 March 2023 News
TAMS III: applications open today for sheds, slurry tanks and fencing
Farmers can apply for funding of up to €90,000 under the Animal Welfare Scheme and Nutrient Storage Scheme in TAMS III from Thursday.
23 March 2023 News
Where to now for fence post preservation?
After being a go-to long life fence post for years, is there a viable replacement for creosote-treated posts?
15 March 2023 Buildings