There was a swift trade recorded in Friday’s dispersal sale of 90 Suffolk and Texel-cross Mule ewes in Dowra Mart, Co Leitrim.

The top price of €245 was paid for a pen of quality Texel-cross ewe hoggets which reared lambs as yearlings.

Of the 17 lots on offer, 14 exceeded the €200 mark.

Those that failed to hit this mark were not far behind, with other prices recorded at €187, €190 and €196 for mainly four-year-old Suffolk ewes.

This batch of five older ewes with one broken-mouth ewe included was carrying two sets of triplet lambs, two sets of twins and one single and sold for €190.

The vibrant trade was helped by the quality of ewes on offer, with the 90 Suffolk and Texel-cross Mule ewes boasting an average scanning rate of 210% and presented in fine condition.

The flock has been run with an emphasis on high output and this was reflected in the offering of 22 top-quality suckled hoggets.

There were also another 21 three-year-old ewes and 46 three- and four-year-old ewes.

This batch of sharp-headed Suffolk-cross ewes aged three and four years old and carrying four sets of twins and two triplet litters sold for €217.

Ewes are due to lamb from 5 March to Texel and Charollais rams and are also on a comprehensive health programme.

All ewes, which were sold due to a change in farming system, are vaccinated for both toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion, with the flock also on a clostridial disease vaccination programme (Heptavac P used).