Farm Programmes
Looking back on lambing - decisions for the future
As the programme farmers make breeding decisions for this autumn, programme adviser Senan White reviews spring lambing performance and how this info is used to influence breeding decisions.
15 June 2022 Management
Beef Management: scanning problem cows and grass growth issues
Dealing with problem cows during breeding, dealing with grass growth and quality issues, and a clostridial vaccine booster reminder.
18 May 2022 Management
Rush Control, red water and keeping an eye on stock bulls
Helpful tips and advice for drystock farms.
Scan wrongly diagnosed sheep with Jaagsiekte
A flock of 1,074 ewes were scanned by a vet who had training and experience in finding OPA lesions.
13 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Getting to the bottom of fertility issues
John Egerton has been trying to establish what might have led to a high empty rate in his autumn-calving herd
30 March 2022 Farmer Writes