Minister to seek more money for ACRES to accommodate over 50,000 farmers
Noel Bardon
The Minister for Agriculture has indicated he will seek to expand the number of places open to farmers to enter the ACRES scheme.
23 March 2023 News
Department invests €150,000 to upskill private advisers in organic farming
The investment will provide for two specialist organic advisers within the ACA, Minister Pippa Hackett said.
23 March 2023 News
Agricultural consultants call for more Government support
Access to publicly funded information and research is needed for all farmers, the Agricultural Consultants Association has said.
Growing interest in pension tax relief
The key principle of tax relief is that money put into a pension is effectively exempt from income tax.
22 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Scheme timelines highlight a busy February to May period
There are a number of new schemes to contend with in the first half of 2023.
18 January 2023 Schemes
A new, free-to-access advisory programme for all farmers
Siobhán Kavanagh puts questions about the new Signpost Advisory Programme to director of knowledge transfer at Teagasc, Stan Lalor.
28 December 2022 Signpost Programme
Teagasc recruiting 50 new advisers to complete scheme applications
Over 60% of the roles are being filled by extending the contracts of the temporary advisers.
21 December 2022 News
Teagasc hiring temporary scheme advisers
The successful applicants will assist in the provision of advisory support and services to clients during the months of January to May 2023.
20 December 2022 News
Cork CAP told that ‘farmers and planners are under serious pressure’
Farmers shared their views and had their questions answered at the first of the Irish Farmers Journal CAP information series events in Cork on Tuesday. Barry Murphy and Tommy Moyles report.
26 October 2022 News
ACRES finally opens for 30,000 farmers
Farmers and their advisers can now submit their applications to participate in ACRES, as well as the Organic Farming Scheme.
ACRES scheme opens for applications
Farmers and their advisers can now submit their applications to participate in ACRES.
19 October 2022 News
Cross-border trade ‘black hole’ in fertiliser register plans
The Irish Co-operative Organisation Society and Teagasc shared their views on the Department of Agriculture’s planned fertiliser register with TDs and senators.
30 September 2022 News