The great resignation? No! it’s actually the great re-evaluation
Amii McKeever
Major life decisions are often made as a result of following the lead of peers and parents. A farming career is pretty much dependent on this but will young people re-evaluate?
11 May 2022 Features
‘People sometimes stop me when out and about asking, ‘Are you that cowgirl?!’’
In a new series profiling international farmers, Maria Moynihan talks to Becky Houzé, who is the youngest dairy farmer on the island of Jersey.
13 April 2022 Careers
A big Wexford win for Certified Irish Angus
The annual Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition is always worth keeping an eye on - after all, the participants are the future of Irish agriculture.
Opportunities in agricultural innovation and extension at UCD
University College Dublin is hosting an online information event for those interested in upskilling or becoming qualified in areas around farmer support, writes Janine Kennedy.
11 April 2022 Education
Living the American (agri) dream on student exchange
UCD Food and Agribusiness student Niamh Gunn shares her recent experience studying aboard in the US, at Purdue University.
30 March 2022 Education
Working in the recruitment industry? It helps if you have a background in ag
Martin Frayne is co-founder of Irish recruitment company Protential Resources. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he chats with Ilka Denker about his career path and current recruitment
9 March 2022 Careers
Starting a pedigree beef business at Rocky Island Speckle Parks
For Jan Douglas and Liam Carroll, it was love at first sight; for Speckle Parks, writes Maria Moynihan.
23 February 2022 Features
Agri Aware Farm Talk and Walk returns as in-person event
The Farm Walk and Talk series returns to give students a practical insight into agricultural practices, writes Ilka Denker.
16 February 2022 News
What’s on in 2022 from the colleges
CAFRE, St Angela’s College and University College Dublin share some of their upcoming courses in agricultural and food sciences for 2022.
19 January 2022 Education
Watch: an on-farm milk vending machine in Donegal
Anne O’Donoghue visits Shannon Porter from Co Donegal to discuss her new on-farm milk vending machine venture, The Milk Bar.
12 January 2022 Features
Memories of Agricultural College: swinging a pen
Liam Clancy recalls the many hours spent pulling all-nighters and hastily typing up essays and reports in the common computer room.
5 January 2022 Features
Editorial: ‘My psychotherapist told me’
Many of the articles in this week’s paper have an inadvertent comment or reference to mental health, revealing how different people manage their anxiety and stress. Writes Amii McKeever
29 December 2021 Amii