Increased global risk for poultry production from bird flu this year – Bord Bia
Amy Forde
Europe’s market conditions remain positive, but the industry faces pressure from rising imports, especially increased chicken imports from the Ukraine which 'rose significantly' in 2023.
12 June 2024 News
Impact of bird flu felt across the globe
In the US, the H5N1 strain of avian influenza has spread to dairy cows in 12 states, while in Australia the H7N3 strain has caused over 500,000 chickens to be culled.
29 May 2024 News
Bird flu spreading through US dairy farms
Milk yield drops of up to 25% have been reported in herds affected by bird flu, writes Aidan Brennan.
Up to €26,000 per dairy farm to tackle bird flu in US
The US Department of Agriculture has announced a number of supports to tackle the bird flu situation in dairy herds there.
12 May 2024 News
‘No room for complacency’ on bird flu
This comes as dairy cows in the US have contracted highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).
8 May 2024 News
US beef mince tests negative for bird flu
Some 30 samples of beef mince taken from retail outlets tested negative for the disease.
2 May 2024 News
Traces of bird flu found in one in five US retail milk samples
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said there is no evidence at present the disease poses a risk to human health.
29 April 2024 News
Investigations continue into bird flu virus in US milk supplies
US authorities have stated that pasteurisation is likely to inactive the virus and allow processed milk to remain safe for consumers.
24 April 2024 News
US identifies bird flu in dairy herds
The US Department of Agriculture has confirmed the detection of avian flu in a dairy herd in Idaho.
5 April 2024 News
Largest egg producer in US culls 1.5m birds due to bird flu
One of the Unites States' largest egg producers has had to cull over 1.5m birds as a result of bird flu.
3 April 2024 News
Agriculture news in-brief from NI
Round-up of weekly news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland
28 February 2024 Northern Ireland
First case of bird flu this year confirmed in England
Bird flu continues to circulate across Britain and Europe.
26 February 2024 News