Sheep Watch: ewe hoggets dominating throughput
Darren Carty
Mart managers report ewe hoggets continuing to come on stream in high numbers, with some farmers cautious of prospects in breeding sales next autumn and moving lower grade hoggets.
6 April 2022 Markets
Sheep Watch: cull ewes up by €10 to €25 per head
The trade for well-fleshed heavy ewes has moved on to prices many thought they would never see for cull ewes, with significant numbers exceeding the €200/head mark.
23 March 2022 Management
Sheep Management: creep feeding considerations with escalating feed costs
Concentrate prices continue to rise sharply and there is unfortunately no signs on the horizon pointing to the potential of costs tapering off.
Sheep Management: reviewing the quality of ewe hoggets and prolapse issues
Demand for hoggets is expected to remain robust over the coming months providing a good outlet to cash in on ewe hoggets that are not likely to meet the grade for breeding.
9 March 2022 Management
Tullow flock clearance sale offers quality Cheviots carrying Suffolk lambs
The 60 Wicklow Cheviot ewes are carrying an average of 1.8 lambs per ewe and are due to lamb from 1 March onwards.
20 January 2022 Markets
Sheep farming in 2022: bumpier road but still plenty of positives
Higher fertiliser and concentrate costs are obvious challenges but sheep farmers have cause for optimism with market forecasts remaining buoyant.
29 December 2021 News
Rare breed sheep sale for Tullamore
Saturday's sale in Tullamore is a great opportunity for rare sheep breeders to come together and sell their sheep in a public auction setting, says organic farmer Jim Smyth.
24 November 2021 News
Sheep Management: external parasites, ewe lamb decisions and worm counts
With record finished lamb prices, those retaining ewe lambs to sell as hoggets next autumn need to critically assess the quality of sheep on hand and question what the best prospects for these are.
17 November 2021 Management
Sheep mart prices: another good week with prices up €1-€2/head
Finished lamb prices are rising in line with factory prices increasing, while excellent demand is driving up store lamb prices.
6 October 2021 Markets
MartBids Database: fed cattle prices significantly up on the year
Cattle throughput at marts over the past month has been well up, with the extra lots leading to no drop in prices.
29 September 2021 Markets
The west’s alive with sheep breeding sales
We have entered the peak sales period for hill sheep with several high profile sales taking place over the next week.
15 September 2021 Pedigree
Camera at the Mart: solid trade at Brockagh Perth Blackface sale
Held on Friday, the sale recorded a top price of €850 for the champion ewe hogget and €920 for the top-priced ewe lamb.
15 September 2021 Markets