Five tips for dehorning calves
Kieran Mailey
When dehorning spring-born calves, outlined are five tips to simplifying the task.
17 February 2022 News
259-acre west Cork farm for lease
A 259-acre farm available for lease near Dunmanway has attracted strong interest, including from outside the county bounds.
29 January 2022 Management
Five things to avoid doing at calving time
Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do when calving the cow. Outlined are five practices to avoid during calving time.
Beef Management: tetany issues, spreading slurry and farm safety
This week, we take a look at getting the last of the slurry out, preventing grass tetany and staying safe when handling and loading cattle.
18 August 2021 Management
Beef management: be alert for lungworm following rain
The combination of rain and warm temperatures will see worm levels increasing on grazing ground, so herd owners should be on the lookout for any cattle developing lungworm.
27 July 2021 Management
Beef management: keep an eye on calves for worm burdens
Grazing cattle may start to exhibit signs of worm burdens, so herd owners should be planning out a dosing programme for animals in order to maintain performance.
18 May 2021 Management
Beef Management: is dehorning up to date for spring calves?
Suckler farmers should make an effort to get on top of dehorning in spring-calving herds.
11 May 2021 Management
Non-vets sought for TB testing in England
Private vets in England are now allowed to employ approved TB testers for on-farm work
14 April 2021 News
Sheep fencing tops TAMS sheep farmer submissions
Sheep fencing is ranked in seventh position in the top 10 most popular investments in TAMS II.
22 December 2020 Farm buildings
The important aspects to consider in designing cattle handling facilities
There are a number of key recommendations to follow irrespective of whether or not you are applying for grant aid.
22 December 2020 TAMS
Improving AI efficiency with a batch AI crush
With a focus on tightening the calving interval and a condensed breeding season, a batch AI crush is a useful addition to handling facilities on dairy farms.
22 December 2020 Farm buildings
A safe and efficient creep-area crush
The well-thought-out crush allows the two-bay back-to-back slatted shed to double up for handling cattle.
19 August 2020 Infrastructure