Desperate Farmhusband: new cows and auld tricks
When our Desperate Farmhusband needs a solution to a farming problem, he likes to go to the AFN, otherwise known as the Auld Farmers Network, for the answers he needs.
17 January 2024 Features
Desperate Farmwife: January's for the birds
Our Desperate Farmwife's 'Desperately Misunderstood Farm Husband' is back... and he has way too much time on his hands before calving starts.
29 November 2023 Features
Agri Careers: supporting women in dairy farming
Putting a strategy in place is important for women to achieve their goals, on and off farm, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Katherine's Country: Dairy day – a great day
“There is profit to be made, there has to be otherwise, we are out of business” writes Katherine O’Leary. An interesting Dairy Day inspired farmers with lively discussion and debate.
29 November 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Instagram and dairying - for this Co Tipperary farmer; they're the perfect mix
Katie Gleeson divides her time between working with brands and organisations for through her popular Instagram account, being a mom and farming at home with her husband.
20 September 2023 Features