EU sheepmeat production continues to fall
Darren Carty
The latest figures released by the European Commission show EU sheepmeat production falling by 5.9% or 25,719t for the first 10 months of 2023.
10 January 2024 Markets
Sheepmeat imports fall by 2,734t or 36% in 2023
The latest data available for the period January to November shows a sharp decline in import volumes from Britain and Northern Ireland.
3 January 2024 News
UK border controls imminent
After five previous attempts by the UK to introduce border controls post Brexit, this time it looks like it will happen.
UK sheepmeat imports from Australia increase by 270t in September
The rise in imports was balanced by imports in from New Zealand falling by 330t when compared with September 2022 and running 410t lower than in August 2023.
18 November 2023 News
In pictures: inside 25,000-head Canadian cattle farm exporting beef to Europe
Up to 25,000 cattle go through the Cattleland Feedyards in Canada every year and the farm also has 15,000ac of ground for silage and crops. Claire McCormack reports.
4 October 2023 News
Dempsey at Large: Milk and cereal prices
The old certainty that milk demand will continue indefinitely to increase by 2% a year is now not looking so definite.
6 September 2023 Viewpoints