Liquid milk market unviable - IFA
Rachel Donovan
IFA liquid milk chair Keith O'Boyle has some questions around the viability of supplying fresh milk.
29 May 2022 Global trade
UK fresh or liquid milk prices rising slowly
The price of fresh milk in UK supermarkets is rising, but some UK retailers have re-tendered contracts in an attempt to keep prices down.
11 May 2022 Global trade
Bright future for milk prices
With dairy demand outstripping milk supply, Jack Kennedy went to London to the Dairy Industry Newsletter conference to hear the forecast for milk price for the next five years.
Arrabawn consolidates and lifts profits
Arrabawn Co-op, headquartered in Nenagh in north Tipperary but collecting milk in 15 counties, performed well in 2021 when we look at the numbers.
Fine profit margins at Strathroy
Increasing milk price is reflected in higher revenue at Strathroy, but doesnt lead to more profits.
4 May 2022 News
Good Lakeland financials but confusion remains on future
Lakeland Dairies has just announced its financial results for 2021. After a period of huge growth, the business is reaping the rewards of buoyant global dairy markets.
13 April 2022 Company finances
Aurivo pushes new boundaries as energy costs bite
With a very positive 2021 in the rearview mirror, Aurivo Co-op looks set to take on the challenges of 2022.
6 April 2022 News
High costs jeopardising winter milk supplies – IFA
The IFA has said that farmers are questioning the viability of producing milk over the high-cost winter period.
24 March 2022 News