Dairy management: coping with torrential rain
Aidan Brennan
Heavy downpours over the weekend on already waterlogged soils in the northern half of the country has made grazing very difficult, writes Aidan Brennan.
24 June 2023 Management
Five tips to prepare for autumn calving
Where suckler farmers have autumn calving herds, good preparations will help get calves off to the best start in life. Outlined are five tips to consider.
21 June 2023 Management
Dairy Management: grass, genotyping and flies
Aidan Brennan has some grassland management advice for farmers coming out of the dry spell where grass growth was limited.
Cell count solutions to solve somatic cell count and mastitis on dairy farms
Michelle McGrath, assistant programme manager at CellCheck, takes a look at the cell count solutions programme aimed at solving high somatic cell count problems and mastitis on dairy farms.
14 June 2023 Breeding & health
Health issues important in heatwave conditions
Adam Woods takes a look at what’s inside this week’s summer health focus.
14 June 2023 Animal Health
Exports drove spread of mastitis - study
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have found that livestock shipping routes drove the spread of a bacteria which can cause mastitis.
8 June 2023 News
Rise in fly activity posing summer mastitis risk
Herd owners should be taking steps to reduce fly activity and reduce the risk of summer mastitis.
6 June 2023 Management
Power washing on through a wet spring
Wet weather over the last month has restricted the ability to get into the fields, writes Robert McConaghy.
19 April 2023 Northern Ireland
Tough spring taking its toll
Shane Dobson talks to some farmers around the country as to how they are dealing with the current weather conditions.
12 April 2023 News