Letter to the ediot: dangers of young drivers of big tractors
Letters to the Editor
"Big tractors on small country roads" - Johnny Couchman, Johnstown, Co Carlow.
2 August 2023 Viewpoints
Tax Strategy Group's pre-budget report
There has also been a steady increase is sales of electric vehicles, which hits fuel tax revenue.
28 July 2023 News
Funding doubled for rural roads and farm laneways
Farmers will have to contribute either 10% or 15% to the estimated cost of repairs. However, the maximum contribution is capped at €1,200.
96% of farm roadways too narrow for herd size - Teagasc
Research by Teagasc Moorepark and MTU Cork has shown that farm roadways on the majority of dairy farms are falling well below par for herd requirements.
26 July 2023 Buildings
Houlihan’s conference shake-up raises eyebrows
Changes to Macra’s annual conference are coming with rural housing and transport discussion to feature in the lineup.
26 July 2023 News
Proposal for new EU law on self-propelled machinery
The European Commission has presented a proposal to harmonise the regulation of non-road mobile machinery.
7 June 2023 News
Gardaí issue warning about tractors and farm machinery on roads
Gardaí have issued guidelines to ensure a safer and more harmonious coexistence between farmers and the public on roads this summer.
17 May 2023 News
IFA appeals to motorists to ‘be patient’ behind farm machinery
The IFA is asking machinery drivers to “cut back speed” as “around every corner could be a neighbouring family or friend out for a walk or a cycle”.
15 May 2023 News
Colm McCarthy - Efforts to discourage car usage
Urban road space is scarce and it is prohibitively expensive to increase capacity.
10 May 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy - Ireland's ports
Small islands with decent main roads are not promising candidates for investment in rail freight.
26 April 2023 Viewpoints
Creating new farm roads under Department specs
Martin Merrick looks at some of the Department recommendations in creating new farm roadways with it being a new addition to TAMS.
26 April 2023 Infrastructure