Five Christmas gift ideas for suckler farmers
Kieran Mailey
Struggling for gift ideas when asked what you want for Christmas? Here are five things that will help with herd management.
10 November 2021 News
My Farming Week: Karen Moynihan, Lacca, Kilcummin, Killarney, Co Kerry
The part-time suckler farmer took over the farm after her father was paralysed in a workplace accident.
27 October 2021 Letters
Letter: the importance of the Irish suckler herd
'It is disheartening to hear the constant negativity towards suckler farming' – Derek Deane, Co Carlow beef farmer and IFA member.
Minister’s CAP plan threatens to wipe out productive suckling, sheep and tillage
Editor Justin McCarthy writes about the big decisions made about the next CAP which will affect productive farmers.
22 October 2021 Editorial
Teagasc ‘remains committed to suckler beef farmers’
A new Knowledge Transfer programme for suckler farmers will be introduced this year spanning the 12 Teagasc advisory regions.
13 October 2021 News
What do you think of the Government's farming policies?
Share your opinion of what the Government is doing for and to the Irish farming sector with us.
8 October 2021 News
Sucklers in Sneem: 50 years of AI in south Kerry
Beef editor Adam Woods was in Kerry recently to visit Tim O'Sullivan in Sneem to talk about suckler farming in the deep southwest.
6 October 2021 Breeding & health
‘Department’s handling of BEAM is a disaster’ - IFA
The IFA has said an apology letter will not suffice for suckler and beef farmers, it must be accompanied by a cheque.
17 September 2021 News
Suckler farmers bear brunt of CAP cuts
Suckler farmers on high payments will see their CAP payment almost halved by 2026.
18 August 2021 News
Suckler farmer to lose almost half his 2002 payment
A case study of a 50-cow suckler farmer shows how deeply cumulative CAP cuts will affect many farmers.
18 August 2021 News
Cap generates more town hall heat than CAP
The suckler scheme stipulation that would cap herd sizes is causing more heat and noise than the hundreds of millions of farm payment cuts and redistribution.
18 August 2021 Dealer
Department confirms plan to cap suckler cow numbers
The proposed Suckler Carbon Efficiency Programme will prevent participants from increasing their suckler cow numbers over the course of the contract.
5 August 2021 Schemes