Cattle vaccinated for TB less likely to spread the disease - study
Noel Bardon
While BVG vaccination has been well-proven to halt the impact of the disease on vaccinated animals, little had been known on vaccination's effects on halting its spread.
20 March 2024 Management
Beef Management: vaccinations, castration and cashflow
Adam Woods takes a look at vaccinations, castration and cashflow on drystock farms.
Intra-nasal vaccination: a corner stone in calf rearing
Tom Crowley is a busy man! As well as being a family man, he works off farm doing farm building and repairs. On the farm he’s built up a pedigree herd of Aubracs and is rearing 50 dairy-to-beef calves
Multiple benefits from batch calving dairy cows
Castlederg dairy farmer Jessica Pollock has cows calving in two distinct batches.
7 February 2024 Farmer Writes
Pneumonia, stock bulls and cashflow
Adam Woods takes a look at pneumonia issues, looking after stock bulls and keeping an eye on cashflow on drystock farms
13 December 2023 Management
Better genetics key to dairy beef success in Co Waterford
This farmer is making dairy beef work on his farm, but moving to better quality animals has been a key part of his success.
10 December 2023 Signpost Programme