Climate and environment
Reduce MCPA use to protect water and biodiversity
David McGilloway from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine explains why MCPA needs to be used appropriately and how its inappropriate use could negatively impact ACRES scores.
4 October 2023 News
Tillage most regulated sector but least rewarded
Tillage farmers are complying with a huge amount of rules under conditionality (previously cross-compliance), yet they are the ones losing the most money in the new CAP.
1 October 2023 News
Spraying of blackgrass in buffers not allowed but regulations being worked on
Blackgrass and other grass weeds are extremely hard to control and they have the potential to become a real problem in buffer zones.
Cut nitrogen use and install more buffer strips to improve water quality
The EPA has outlined on a map where targeted measures to improve water quality should take place.
12 July 2023 News
Mayo farmers hit by recurring water shortages
Farmers in Mayo have called on the Department of Housing to provide them with public water access.
7 June 2023 News