The agri-food 2030 strategy has it in black and white – dairy beef is the way to go.

Don’t mind roan heifers, thoroughbred horses, Dexter cattle or lammas – rear a few calves out of milking cows and you’ll sort out a lot of sustainability issues for everyone.

I’m told that no sooner was the ink dry on the strategy than Teagasc went about signing up a farm in the heart of horse country.

If Coolmore doesn’t want it, Teagasc is almost the next best option. My horsey friends tell me dust is rising and grass seeds are being scattered already.

The Department blueprint tells me Teagasc is to sign up a meat factory to partner with on the project – Larry is only down the road, but my money is on the Waterford-based outfit to partner up on this one.

Either way, it is unlikely the efficent bull beef system will get a look in.

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