Teagasc has created an online slurry spreader calibration calculator to assist farmers and agricultural contractors who work with all types of tankers.

A large number of farmers will be using low-emission slurry spreading (LESS) equipment such as a dribble bar or trailing shoe, for the first time this season in place of the traditional splash plate.

When moving over to a new method of application it is important to ensure that you are applying the slurry evenly and at the correct rate.

Good to go

Teagasc has said that a key factor that has to be considered is getting the forward speed correct which can for the most part be a guessing game.

The new online calculator allows the user to adjust a number of sliders on the calculator to input your spreading details and will in turn give you the forward speed required.

Teagasc farm machinery specialist Francis Quigley said: “To use the calculator you will need to time how long it takes to empty the first load of slurry. Then you can input other information such as the tank size, the working width and the desired application rate.

“Once you have set the sliders to match your spreading details then you can read off the forward speed needed. Simply set your forward speed to match and you are all good to go.”

The online calibration calculator can be found on the Teagasc website.