Farm Programmes
Testing slurry and silage for targeted efficiency
Emma Hart
Slurry is both a valuable asset and a potential pollutant. Understanding the composition and quality of your slurry is key to maximising its value while minimising environmental impact.
28 February 2024 News
Minister recognises key role of machinery industry for wider agriculture
The FTMTA conference ‘Navigating the Evolving Agricultural Machinery Landscape’ recently took place at the Heritage Hotel, Killenard, Co Laois, with over 150 industry personal attending.
14 February 2024 News
Map: thirteen county councils identify farmers spreading slurry in closed period
Kerry County Council identified the most incidents of slurry spreading during the closed period.
'Lost business' to slurry spreading rules
"We don’t need new rules, all we need to do is apply the rules we have and things would be a lot better for everybody" - name & address with the editor.
14 February 2024 Letters
Just 27 of women farmers scheme applications approved to date
Under TAMS III, there were 259 applications to the Women Farmers Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS), with 27 of those approved to date.
7 February 2024 News
Beef management: straw supplies, hygiene at calving and managing slurry
Martin Merrick looks at what to do with stretching out tight straw supplies, hygiene at calving and the managing slurry as tanks begin to fill.
31 January 2024 Management
Farmers urged to manage slurry properly
A recent CAFRE open day focused on making best use of livestock slurry on farms this spring. Kieran Mailey reports.
24 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmers reminded on extended buffer zones for slurry spreading
For the two weeks after the closed period, buffer zones around watercourses double to 10m.
20 January 2024 Management
Sustainability progress on Irish farms
Origin Green sustainability and data analytics manager Dr Eleanor Murphy reports on Irish farm emissions.
Farmers warned against ‘dumping’ slurry
A Centenary Thurles conference on water quality at Cabragh wetlands in Co Tipperary heard how farmers can help to improve the status of the county’s water bodies. Caitríona Morrissey reports.
Better to cut carbon than cull livestock, says Brown
The second of six Ulster Farmers' Union winter roadshows took place in Limavady, Co Derry, last week.
17 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Beef Management: DNA calf registration, calving preparation and slurry spreading
In this weeks beef management notes beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at DNA calf registration, calving preparation and slurry spreading
17 January 2024 Management