The final cattle to be drafted for slaughter from the Thrive Demo Farm included three Belgian Blues, three Limousin heifers, two Angus and a Hereford.

This Belgian Blue heifer had a 295kg carcase and graded R-3=.

The average carcase weight for the batch was 291kg with a spread of weights from 257kg for a Hereford sired by HE4297 up to 324kg for a BB4085 sired Belgian Blue heifer.

This Hereford heifer had a carcase weight of 257kg and graded O=4-.

Overall the Belgian Blue heifers averaged 306kg carcase weight with two grading R- and one grading R+.

The three Limousin heifers averaged a carcase weight of 296kg and graded between O+ and R-.

This Limousin heifer had a carcase weight of 303kg and graded O+4-.

The two Angus heifers were sired by JZJ and had carcase weights of 272kg and 285kg grading O+.

Both the Angus and Hereford heifers were the tail end of their breed types and were perhaps poorer animals than the average.