Fine weather: The fine weather is helping to make the situation bearable, and there is ample time to get field work done. Some areas saw rain over the weekend which was welcomed. While the rest of the country wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re looking for rain, a drop wouldn’t be turned away.

Winter barley: Winter barley is around GS31 although some crops are as advanced as second-last leaf. All nitrogen should be out by GS32. For a two-spray programme, aim to apply a T1 now with a triazole along with a strob/SDHI. Add a PGR of either Cerone (0.5-1.0l/ha, Terpal (1.0-2.0l/ha) or Medax Max/Moddus. If you’re using Terpal, be mindful of straw contracts. Include chlorothalonil if ramularia is present. Remember the last day in which chlorothalonil is legal to use is 20 May and your spraying records must reflect this. In general, crops are clean, with small amounts of mildew, rhynco and yellow rust reported.