Harvest equipment is getting bigger every year. With this added size comes bigger dangers. It is of the utmost importance that the operator of the machine knows where everyone is.

1 You should never enter the working area without informing the machine operators in that area. Combines have many working parts and great care should be when working on them. In most cases with these modern machines, anything beyond everyday maintenance should be undertaken by qualified personnel.

2 Massive weight and forces are now involved both when towing and tipping these grain trailers. When tipping grain, it is very important to check the area around the trailer before releasing the load.

Now that hydraulic tailboards are becoming more common, it is important to be extra vigilant to check for bystanders before tipping the load to avoid the dangers of crushing injuries or suffocation.

If a standard tailboard is being used, extra care should be taken when opening them, as there is a large risk of being struck or crushed by the tailboard. When pulling away for the heap, the area should be checked for overhead wires, as striking these could cause injury or be fatal.

3 When loading or transporting bales from the field, care should be taken at all times to avoid contact with overhead wires. This may occur when either the loader or telehandler carrying the bales comes in contact or when a trailer is overloaded and catches wires on the move. Always check the area you are working in for overhead wires and the transport route should also be checked.

4 All loads of bales should be strapped securely whether the load is travelling on the public highway or not. A falling bale can do a lot of damage to a family member who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If travelling on the public highway, all bale trailers are subject to the same laws as other trailers and should have all the correct markings and lights.