The online world of farmers is going from strength to strength.

The expanding social media-verse has provided a platform for people of all backgrounds and interests to share their day-to-day farming experiences with followers.

Whether your interests lie with dairy, sheep or tillage, there is an agri-inspired page for you. Here are some of our favourites.

1. @ali_daly

Alison Daly is a sheep and dairy farmer on her family farm in Co Meath. Her Instagram page showcases how amazing the Irish countryside is, along with portraying how much care and attention is given to the animals. "It's not just a job, it's a way of life."


2. @tobinfarms1

Robert Tobin is based on the east coast in Arklow, Co Wicklow. Robert and his parents Paul and Elaine became sheep and beef farmers in 2011 and converted to dairy in 2019 and now milk 120 Jersey-cross cows.

Robert graduated from WIT with a BSc hons in agricultural science in 2017. The page @Tobinfarms1 was created in 2013 primarily focusing on the day to day of dairy farming and more recently helps to shed a light on mental health.


3. @Highheelstoheifers

Ciara is a former client services director in a marketing agency, who made the move to dairy farming full-time three years ago.

Having worked in marketing for nine years, an opportunity came up to go into partnership with her other half, she jumped at it and hasn't looked back since.

"My reason for sharing the few bits I do on Instagram is to show other ladies and girls that if I can do it, they can too! I think farming is one of the most rewarding careers out there and it's my privilege to work with these gorgeous animals every day."


4. @Mcmilkingit

McMilking it, aka Mark Collins, is a 23-year-old dairy farmer from Co Tipperary. He milks over 400 cows in a spring grass-based system alongside his parents.

Through his Instagram and YouTube channel, he showcases how the farm operates in an educational and entertaining manner.

"I hope that my followers not from agriculture will better understand how their food is produced and those that are farming might learn something to implement in their own business and that I learn something from them. In essence, I aim to promote socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture."


5. @annasdairygoatfarm

This page is pure goat goodness! Emma O'Connor from Co Kildare runs the account @annasdairygoatfarm, which shares content of the family-run micro-dairy hoping to sell goats' milk, cheese and yogurt from the farm and local farmers' markets in the coming year.

They also specialise in breeding purebred goats that are fit for multi-purpose. The Instagram page showcases the day-to-day running of the goat farm and the progress of building a business from the ground up.


6. @bopeep_valaisblacknose

The BoPeep Valais Blacknose flock was established amid lockdown in 2020 by April Higgins and Alymer Power in Co Limerick.

Also known as 'the cutest sheep in the world', the Valais Blacknose are a very rare breed of sheep originating in the Swiss Alps.

"These sheep are so friendly and full of fun, we decided to set up our Instagram page to share their wonderful personalities and antics with the world.

"Our 'BoPeeps' have become more popular than we could have ever dreamed of and we are delighted they can bring as much joy to others as they do to us.

"We focus on breeding with the best full Swiss genetics we can find in the breed and are very excited to welcome our next lambs in January 2022."


7. @Maighread_b

Maighréad Barron is a 28-year-old dairy farmer and is the 2018 and 2020 FBD farmer of the year land mobility.

Follow her page as she brings you along her journey leasing a 100-acre dairy farm in Waterford since 2018.

Growing up on a dairy farm, Maighread did not grow up with an interest in farming until she studied agricultural science in secondary school. Her parents run the home farm and offer help when needed.

Maighréad likes to keep her page organic, avoiding branded and sponsored content on her page. "I'm not about that, I'm about making the farm a success, not making an Instagram success."


8. @Kilsunny_herd

Trevor Dudley and family from Dovea, Thurles, Co Tipperary, have over 80,000 followers on Instagram and it is easy to see why.

Their Instagram page features pedigree Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn cattle and they share insights into the cattle and genetics at Kilsunny.

The Dudley family use Instagram as a way to connect with new customers - an impressive 60% of their clients are a direct result of Instagram.

"Our social media following has also allowed us to launch a range of Kilsunny merchandise and it's a great way to showcase our cattle and share our farming story with the world."


9. @emmamc_farming

Emma McCormack is a 25-year-old dairy farmer from Co Westmeath. Emma manages a 440-cow grass-based dairy and beef farm. "I share what I get up to, on Instagram, in a bid to promote what progressive careers and positive lifestyles the agricultural sector can offer, as well as showcasing the excellent quality produce Irish farmers bring to the table. I like to have a laugh along the way!"

Her daily stories document her day-to-day tasks, while being the perfect balance of entertaining and educational.


10. @Joannetheshearer

Joanne Devaney from Co Sligo is the three-time Queen of the Shears, intermediate shearing world finalist and a member of the ROI wool handling team.

Her page is full of snaps of her flock, dogs and the stunning mountain lands she farms. If you are looking for postcard-perfect snaps of the Irish countryside, this is the place to go.

Joanne took part in the Irish Farmers Journal agricultural science study guides, where she shared updates from around her farm with Leaving Certificate students.


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/ Donal O' Leary