The planning objection delays to forestry planting seem to be solved, according to the experts working between forestry companies and the Department.

One of issues was some serial objectors, not living near the planned forest, were causing log jams and delays. This week I heard of a farmer who was looking to increase slurry storage and applied for planning permission. The farmer that objected was over 200 miles from the planned new structure. It beggars belief that this can be let happen in this day and age when farm nutrients and using farm nutrients better is the order of the day.

Tillage feedback

This week we carry some of the feedback we got last week on our editorial stance around how good land should be growing food rather than energy.

Our coverage last week generated debate and we are grateful for all the responses.

The question asked by many farmers since we published the articles is why, when so many sheds are not used for solar panels, could rooftop solar not be used first, before land is taken out of food production?

While companies can argue over the acreage under solar, or planned for solar, the issue for tillage farmers is the competition for land from solar and dairy farming is mainly in areas where tillage is possible.