A second commercial poultry flock in Co Monaghan has been confirmed with highly pathogenic avian flu H5N1, known as bird flu.

It is understood the farm is located 1km from the first confirmed case on a turkey farm.

There are up to 13,000 birds on the broiler farm, which will all now be humanely culled in an attempt to prevent further disease spread.

Protection zone

A protection zone of at least a 3km radius from the infected holdings and a surveillance zone of at least 10km radius has been put in place by the Department of Agriculture.

There are several other commercial poultry flocks within the 10km zone, who will all now be in a high state of alert.

While compensation will be paid for birds where culling is ordered by the Department of Agriculture, affected farmers’ businesses will be devastated by mass culls.

Co Monaghan is a poultry-intensive county, with over 100 large scale licensed poultry farms. It and neighbouring Co Cavan account for more than 70% of Ireland’s 11m-strong poultry flock.

The country’s largest chicken integrators, largest egg packers, largest turkey processor and the country’s only duck integrator are located in the border region.

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