British turkeys ‘dropping like flies’ as bird flu ravages sector
Barry Murphy
The UK parliament heard a special inquiry into the impact avian influenza is having on its poultry sector on Tuesday.
23 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Retail shortages put spotlight on egg sector
While outbreaks of avian influenza had some impact, producers are clear that unsustainable eggs prices are the main reason for supply shortages.
22 November 2022 Poultry
Bird flu confirmed in second turkey flock in Monaghan
Stringent biosecurity remains key to protecting poultry and captive bird flocks from disease, the Department has said.
3,000 turkeys culled for highly pathogenic bird flu
The Department confirmed that those forced to destock can apply for compensation for the loss of birds or feed.
16 November 2022 Poultry
Bird flu threatening more than just turkeys
Avian influenza will not end after the Christmas turkey kill, the IFA poultry chair Nigel Sweetnam reminded farmers.
16 November 2022 News
Supermarkets dismiss Christmas turkey supply concerns
An outbreak of avian influenza in a turkey flock in Co Monaghan last weekend led to 3,000 birds being culled.
16 November 2022 News
Managing production costs the theme of Winter Milk Week 2022
The week will consist of on-farm walks in counties Wexford, Cork, Meath, Monaghan and Roscommon.
16 November 2022 News
Weather and proximity leaving border's poultry sector exposed to flu
Poultry farmers have been urged to double down on biosecurity measures in light of a H5N1 case confirmation in Co Monaghan.
14 November 2022 Poultry
Bird flu protective zones in place in Co Monaghan after H5N1 turkey case
The H5N1 strain of avian influenza has been confirmed in samples taken from a Co Monaghan turkey flock.
13 November 2022 Poultry
Grass+ Beef: game over for most beef farmers for 2022
Grazing has come to a halt on the majority of beef farms over the past two weeks, with only those on the driest of land and those who really need to remain at grass currently doing so.
9 November 2022 Grass & feeding
Thieves cut locks to take Ifor Williams trailer in Monaghan
A farmer in Co Monaghan had his cattle trailer stolen from an outfarm after the thieves cut gate locks to gain access.
26 October 2022 News
My Farming Week: Denise Rafferty, Killymarran, Ballinode, Co Monaghan
Monaghan sheep and dairy calf to beef farmer Denise Rafferty says she was brought up with farming and wouldn't see her career any other way.
12 October 2022 News