A spate of robberies in Co Galway have left farmers in the county thousands of euro out of pocket, Galway-Mayo IFA regional executive Roy O’Brien has warned.

He has issued a warning to all farmers to be security savvy following a recent spate of farm machinery thefts in the county.

“A number of high-tech farm burglaries targeting trailers, power tools and garden machinery have taken place in Co Galway that have left farmers thousands of euros out of pocket.

“It seems these robberies are meticulously planned and are occurring late at night/early morning,” he said.


O’Brien went on to say that even with high security protection these gangs are breaching locked gates and high security fencing.

Farmers may be complacent at this time of year with the heavy workload on farms, along with the countryside being much quieter than normal due to COVID-19 restrictions, O’Brien said.

He has advised farmers to review their security measures on their farm and to check their insurance policy cover as many farmers do not have stolen goods or criminal liability on their policies.