Italian dairy sheep farmers on the island of Sardinia have been dumping milk to protest a recent fall in prices.

Under the slogan, I’d rather pour out milk than sell for pittance, farmers are demanding an increase in the price for their milk, which has fallen to €0.65c/l from €0.80c/l.

Several videos have appeared across social media of farmers dumping milk from churns and bulk tanks, saying they want to see prices increase to at least €0.70/l, according to Euronews.

The drop in price is linked to a fall in the price of the popular Sardinian cheese Pecorino Romano, which utilises half of sheep milk production on the island.

Pecorino Romano, the main type of cheese produced in Sardinia to PDO status.

Trapped club

The most recent act of protest by the farmers was to trap Serie A soccer team Cagliari at its training ground on the island on Saturday morning.

Cagliari was scheduled to play AC Milan on Sunday, but a crowd of over 100 farmers arrived at the club's grounds to prevent the team leaving for its flight.

Protesters allowed the team to depart after several players symbolically kicked over churns of milk.

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