Paddy O’Brien, Co Tipperary

My name is Paddy O’Brien and I’m a farmer on Kylenagranagh Hill with my dad and grandad. It is a beef farm. We rear cattle to supply our butcher’s shop in Mullinahone. I work on the farm every day after school. My jobs are feeding silage to the cattle and helping my grandad. It is hard working on the farm at the moment with the bad weather and the land is really wet and we are busy bringing in silage to feed them.

When the cattle are reared we bring them to the abattoir and then we sell the beef in our shop. There is a lot to learn about different cuts of meat but I enjoy meeting the customers and sometimes getting the odd two euro. I love talking about GAA.

Tess Landy, Co Kilkenny

Tess Landy along with her siblings Ruth, Paddy and James are dairy farming in Kilkenny with their parents Seamus and Martina

Hello my name is Tess Landy. I’m seven years old. I’m going to be a farmer and a horse instructor when I grow up.

My mammy says when I get bigger she will get me a pony hopefully. When I turn 10 and get a few more rosettes.

I love going off with my daddy farming. We bring in the cows for the milking together. Sometimes we meet our neighbour Pat on the road. He gives me, my sister Ruth, and my two brothers James and Paddy jellies and sweets.

In another few years Dad says my siblings and I will be able to milk the cows by ourselves and give him a break. I love helping my daddy calve the cows.

During COVID I spent every day on the farm. I was allowed to stay up late to go down the yard during the night and watch the cows calve. I love seeing the baby calves being born. I can’t wait to feed all our new additions in the spring time.

Amelie O’Connor, New York

Amelie O’Connor (7), home from New York, with her mum Mairead McNamara -O’Connor (originally from Kilkishen Co. Clare) took part in this years South East Clare Show aboard her Grandads pony Toss.

My name is Amelie O’Connor, I am seven years old and I live in New York.

I went on my holidays to Co Clare with my Mom and Dad, my brother Jim and sister Hannah.

I was so excited because mom promised that I could take Grandad’s pony (Toss) in the lead rein competition at Bridgetown Show. I brought my boots and riding helmet on the plane with me.

We had great fun getting ready – my aunt Jackie and mom plaited him, I washed him – he gets really dirty because he is white! Everyone said he looked really good. The judge must have liked him too because I got a rosette.

A visit to Ireland is great, I get to see Grandad John and Granny Josie, all my cousins and Toss. This was the best day of my holiday!