The future of dairy alternatives
Janine Kennedy
As global brands race to innovate, the latest market research tells us there is still a place for traditional dairy at the table, writes Janine Kennedy.
13 March 2024 For Sale
Old-school meets modern at Armagh dairy farm
Elm Park Estate, a circa 99ac residential holding, blends the old and contemporary – the property was once home to a prep school for boys, writes Tommy Moyles.
6 March 2024 Blog
Mullooly Matters
The increase in cases of Tuberculosis (TB) on farm is bringing back bad memories, writes Ciaran Mullooly.
Monaghan milking set up one of the ‘finest and largest farms’
A dairy farm in Co Monaghan has just come on the market and is one of the largest up for sale in the region in a long time, writes Tommy Moyles.
21 February 2024 For Sale
Former dairy farm in east Galway is full of potential
A former dairy farm in the Ballinasloe area is new to the market. Well fenced and all in grass, this farm has no shortage of potential, writes Tommy Moyles.
24 January 2024 For Sale