Women & Agriculture awards supported by FBD Insurance
Irish Country Living believes the efforts of women in agriculture deserve recognition. Now is your chance to apply or nominate someone for the 2020 Irish Country Living Women & Agriculture Awards.

The Women & Agriculture awards, supported by FBD Insurance, highlight the dedication, hard work and innovation women in Irish farming communities show every day. Whether you’re a farmer yourself or have developed a business around your family farm, we encourage you to get involved by applying for the awards or nominating a woman you believe deserves recognition.

Category 1

Innovation-on farm awards

One winner and one runner-up prize will be awarded in this category.

We’re looking for a woman who has successfully implemented technical or managerial innovations on the family farm. This may have been done by one or more of the following:

  • Employing new technology wherever possible to improve farm family profitability.
  • Ensuring that the challenges of climate on farm are being met.
  • Seizing every opportunity to improve innovation on the farm.
  • Using excellent management practices to make farm work more efficient.
  • Improving work-life balance with the introduction of new work practices.
  • Employing scientific knowledge to make the best decisions for the farm.
  • Building up farm production with unique ideas.
  • Developing an impressive and profitable on-farm business, such as a bakery, allotments or contracting company, anything that falls under the heading of a food, tourism or agri-related business.
  • Category 2

    Innovation in agriculture and food

    One winner and one runner-up prize will be awarded in this category.

    The winner of this award will be a woman who has looked at the agriculture and food sector and seen a novel idea or initiative or campaign come alive. She may have done this by one or more of the following:

  • Identifying a viable market opportunity and making a success of it.
  • Acting as an employee/volunteer in an existing organisation to bring about change in the sector.
  • Embracing innovation to add real value to the agriculture sector in Ireland.
  • Working with the existing challenges of climate change, farm safety, unconscious bias and changing food habits of Ireland’s population.
  • Working with existing farm organisations to ensure that development and initiatives for farm families are ongoing and relevant.
  • Being a driver of change in the agriculture sector in Ireland through a farm or an agribusiness.
  • Increasing family income by utilising unique elements of agriculture as well as her own skills.
  • Recognising the need for change in the industry and bringing the role of women in agriculture to the fore.
  • Download the Innovation on Farm application form HERE.

    Download the Innovation in agriculture and food application form HERE.

    Send your entries to: womenandag@farmersjournal.ie

    Closing date for entries is 12pm on Friday 13 March 2020.