ABP will soon offer the option of paying farmers for their animals by bank transfer.

Farmers will be able to opt for electronic transfer instead of a cheque payment.

“As an alternative to cheque payment, you can opt for electronic transfer. That means hassle-free, contactless payment for your livestock,” ABP said.

Farmers urged processors to introduce the alternative payment as Ulster Bank and most recently KBC unveiled plans to exit the Irish market, along with plans for Bank of Ireland branch closures throughout the country.

Farmers also want to reduce their contacts in response to COVID-19, with many seeing traditional cheque and remittance statements as outdated during the pandemic.

In March, the Irish Farmers Journal asked meat processors ABP, Dawn Meats, Kepak, Kildare Chilling, Slaney Foods, Liffey Meats and umbrella body Meat Industry Ireland if they had plans to introduce the option of electronic funds transfer (EFT) in response to Ireland’s new banking circumstances.

Dawn Meats was the only other processor to respond at the time, but it did not offer online payment.