AIB not stress testing loans at 170kg N/ha
Declan O’Brien
AIB said greater clarity on the derogation was urgently needed both by farmers and the banks.
17 January 2024 Dealer
When 1t of wheat could buy 50 barrels of oil
The Dairygold tillage conference had facts, figures and innovative farming and a large crowd turned up to hear the latest on tillage in the south of Ireland.
14 January 2024 News
Less than 50% of tillage farmers carrying debt
Tillage farmers are in a good position when it comes to lending. This helps to reduce risk on farms.
AIB changes lending policy in light of derogation cut
AIB said it has been factoring in a potential reduction to the nitrates derogation since its midterm review was announced in 2022.
27 December 2023 News
Bank of Ireland joins Kerry Dairy Ireland with sustainability-linked loans
New offering provides “additional funding option”, lender says.
24 November 2023 News
Farmers ‘operating in a fog’ as derogation goalposts shift
Having no clear indication of what farming's rules will be in 10 or 15 years time leaves farm planning in a "precarious situation", according to Bank of Ireland.
27 September 2023 News
Lower prices see farmers burning through 2022 cash reserves - banks
Both AIB and Bank of Ireland's agri teams at the National Ploughing Championships are reporting a high volume of farmer questions around cashflow planning.
20 September 2023 News
IFA meets banks on back of milk price cuts
Dairy farmers facing cashflow issues have a suite of options available to them, according to the IFA.
1 September 2023 News
New tax loans from Bank of Ireland
Strong cash flows in 2022 can mean big tax bills landing when money is tight
30 August 2023 News