What is AgriNet HerdApp?

The AgriNet HerdApp is a unique new cloud-based smartphone app that links directly to agfood and ICBF and is designed to manage all the key day-to-day functions on a typical Irish dairy or beef farm.

Farmer Profile: Ger Buckley

Ger Buckley runs Laharn Dairy Farm, a 180 dairy cow herd in Coachford Co. Cork, “we run a high EBI dairy herd. We would have done some crossbreeding in the past. We pick the highest EBI bulls to breed with our herd. Our solids are 4.5% fat, 3.72% protein, over 500kg of milk solids per cow”.

Ger has been using AgriNet right from the very start, “I’ve been using AgriNet since it started - almost 20 years. It’s a tool that has improved my record-keeping on the farm. I’ve been using the app itself for the past 5 years and have found it excellent.”

“This year for the breeding season we changed over to the new app. The reason we switched to the app from the desktop was because we now have staff on the farm. Previously, if I was inseminating cows and my herd manager was inseminating cows you would have to upload the information separately to the desktop. Whereas with the new app, it’s live information and syncs directly with ICBF and the Department of Agriculture so when you upload information, the app is updated instantly. If I was milking in the morning and my herd manager was inseminating, I would be able to know what cows are inseminated. So whatever my herd manager does on her phone and uploads to the ICBF database, I can see on my phone when I log in to the AgriNet HerdApp. It’s live all the time. Similarly my herd manager can see if I’ve inseminated any cows.”

Main benefits

One of the main benefits of AgriNet HerdApp is its ease of use, “It’s a very easy app to use and navigate. We use it all the time. If we buy any medicines, we upload it to the app straight away. You can scan the barcode on the medicine. So when you give it to your stock you can match the batch number to the cattle that have received it. In this way it’s very handy for inspections, you can hand the inspector the phone and say it’s all there. It’s good for inspections, but it’s also good for your own use.”

In terms of calf registration, Ger is quick to point out how easy the app is to use. “If you came down to work on my farm, in two minutes I could show you how to use the app. I would be confident that you would be able to register my calves yourself, it would be a very simple thing to do.”

Ger uses the sire advice for breeding. “For breeding we use the sire advice. When we go to inseminate a cow it gives you the three best options for that cow, meaning that we have no paper work whatsoever when it comes to breeding.”

Farmer Profile: Rickey Barrett

Rickey Barrett runs a 350 dairy herd in Ballinahassigh, Co. Cork. “We calve all year round, 50% autumn calving and 50% spring calving. “We’ve been using AgriNet on the desktop since it started, but started to use the app last year. It’s a game changer when it comes to keeping on top of the paper work. The AgriNet HerdApp takes the stress out of record-keeping.”

Rickey is quick to highlight the customer service and support that AgriNet offer. “The back-up team they have is brilliant. They are very easy to speak to on the phone and are very good when it comes to showing you what is possible on the app itself.”

“It has definitely saved me time on the farm. It means that I don’t need to be in the office anymore because all the information is on the app. I don’t need to have piles of paper records anymore, it’s our online paper trail. If you are looking for something, all your information is at your fingertips. All you have to do is log in to the app and the information is there waiting for you, it couldn’t be easier.”

One movement

“Whoever calves the cow and tags the calf can register the calf all in one movement. There’s no writing it in the book and bringing it in, spending time at night registering calves. You can access milk records and AI recording.

“When a calf is born, I know the predicted EBI of the calf. I can see who its mother was, grandmother was, the sire, its entire ancestry is there, EBI, fats and proteins, and everything is there when you’re standing looking at the calf.”

“It also allows you to identify problem cows. When we treat a cow for mastitis, we record it on the app. You can see if she has had the problem before and make a call instantly on what to do if persistent issues arise with certain cows.”

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