The lightest 30 calves were housed on the Thrive demo farm in Cashel, Co Tipperary, this week.

It was debated whether it should be the heaviest or lightest stock housed, but given the lower dry matter of grass currently and the high-quality silage available in the yard, the lightest cattle got the nod.

These will also be targeted for early turnout next spring if conditions allow.

Graze-outs are not as good as we would like at the moment, but just to have cattle out given the amount of rainfall over the past three weeks is a bonus.

Since Sunday 6 November, there has been very little rain and ground has soaked out somewhat.

It is important to keep stock moving to fresh grass every few days to keep them settled, as well as not pushing them too hard to graze out pasture.

Some of the covers currently being grazed are heavier than optimal, with some over 2,200kg DM/ha, but we are working through them as best as possible.

If the farm does receive heavy rainfall in the coming days, the remainder of cattle will have to be housed. However, there is enough grass on the farm to keep stock out for another fortnight if conditions allow.

Straw intake has increased significantly in the last three weeks and we feel it is an important aspect in keeping stock content and keeping dietary fibre correct, as the grass being grazed is lush and very low dry matter.