By the end of the current week, the closed period for spreading slurry will be just two weeks away. Therefore, farmers should be giving thought to empty storage tanks now.

On many farms, higher fertiliser prices in 2022 means that more slurry was spread in spring and summer to replace chemical nitrogen. This will have taken the pressure of tank space going into October.

Ground conditions are generally good, but with rain becoming more frequent, take every opportunity to get slurry spread before the closed period.

Target heavier fields before ground gets too soft, leaving drier fields in case the weather breaks for good.

Keep safety in mind at all times when working with slurry. Exit sheds once the mixing pump is engaged and keep children, as well as pets, away from tank openings.

Always cover tank openings when leaving the yard to spread slurry. Make sure the PTO is properly covered on the tanker, and disengaged, when switching the vacuum from fill to empty.

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