Pre-calving minerals should now be offered to all cows set to calve from February to mid-March.

Think back to previous years. Were calves slow to stand and feed and were cows lazy at calving or did some animals not “clean” properly after the calf was born?

A lot of these problems are linked with a lack of minerals in the run-up to calving time. Feeding a good-quality pre-calving mineral will reduce such problems.


If feeding silage made in wet conditions during 2023 or quality is low due to delayed harvesting, the availability of trace minerals within forage will be limited.

As such, supplementary minerals during the final four to six weeks prior to calving becomes even more important.

There are various ways that minerals can be offered. They all have merits and disadvantages. Ultimately, it comes down to whatever is most practical and cost effective for your herd.

Having cows grouped according to calving date means that minerals only need to be offered to cows due in the first half of the calving pattern.

Later-calving cows can get minerals at a more appropriate time, thereby helping to save money.

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