Sheep Management: mineral supplementation of ewes and sheep scab resistance
Darren Carty
There is no change in the mineral supplementation task in the sheep improvement scheme.
16 September 2023 Breeding & health
Mineral supplementation of ewes under SIS
The requirements are similar to the Sheep Welfare Scheme and include providing supplementation to ewes for 60 days post-mating.
11 July 2023 Management
Time for pre-calving minerals in autumn-calving herds
Feeding a good, quality pre-calving mineral to autumn cows will improve calf vigour and reduce problems during labour.
Five tips to prepare for autumn calving
Where suckler farmers have autumn calving herds, good preparations will help get calves off to the best start in life. Outlined are five tips to consider.
24 June 2023 Management
Midlands dairy farmer in crisis
Aidan Brennan reports from a farm in the midlands, where a mystery ailment is affecting animal performance, to the point where the farmer is going broke.
21 June 2023 Grass & feeding
Lamb-specific options on radar under Sheep Improvement Scheme
June marks the start of options including flystrike control, parasite control and mineral supplementation of lambs pre-weaning.
26 May 2023 Management
Importance of mineral grass analysis
Footprint Farmer Barry Powell had some of his grass tested for minerals last week.
25 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Dairy Management: grazing, breeding and clover
Grass growth rates are beginning to turn, so farmers need to be thinking about reducing supplement, writes Aidan Brennan
5 April 2023 Management
Minister Ryan permits miners to search for Mayo gold
A local environmental group has expressed concern that mining in east Mayo will create an environmental 'disaster' and called on locals to oppose it.
29 March 2023 News