Sheep Management: cobalt supplementation, selecting replacements and event dates
Darren Carty
Research has shown little benefit from supplementing ewes with cobalt but there is marked performance benefits to be attained from supplementing lambs.
A flexible system for heavy ground
A traditionally bred dairy beef heifer system suits the farm and land type of John Brosnan in Co Kerry. Declan Marren reports.
Are plastic mineral buckets a thing of the past?
The Crystalyx BioBarrell, which will biodegrade in the field, was showcased at the Alltech ONE Conference in Kentucky.
Five tips for preventing grass tetany
Lactating cows will be at risk of grass tetany, as weather conditions become more variable. Outlined are some tips to preventing the issue.
2 April 2022 Management
Getting to the bottom of fertility issues
John Egerton has been trying to establish what might have led to a high empty rate in his autumn-calving herd
30 March 2022 Farmer Writes
Watch: paddle v vertical feeding, what suits best?
We look at the age-old question still topical among farmers whether to go for paddle or vertical diet feeding. Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott look at the two concepts to find out more.
9 March 2022 Farm machinery
Multispecies need less inputs, study finds
A seed mix containing 80% perennial ryegrass, 11% white clover, 5% plantain and 4% chicory was sown in six fields as part of the on-farm trials.
2 March 2022 News