Dairy farmers protest in Cork over derogation
Tommy Moyles
Dairy farmers gathered in Carrigaline and Cork city on Friday to protest outside the offices of a trio of senior cabinet ministers.
30 November 2023 News
Leitrim students develop farm safety calendar for 2024
Each month has a different farm safety tip or piece of advice based on what is happening on many farms across the country in that month.
30 November 2023 News
Teagasc’s Newford herd moves from Athenry to Roscommon
The new farm has extensive cattle wintering facilities and some of these will be used for the Newford suckler herd, with the remaining facilities used as a specialised winter finishing beef unit.
Belgian Blues the biggest losers in ICBF changes
Adam Woods has the latest in the ICBF changes taking place to the replacement and terminal indexes.
29 November 2023 Breeding & health
Camera at the Mart: bittersweet end of Cashel Blue dairy herd
Shanon Kinahan brings you the top prices from the Cashel Blue dispersal sale, which took place in Thurles Mart last Friday.
29 November 2023 Markets
Scientists tackling livestock emissions problem
Leading research institutes held a conference in Belfast about ruminant methane. Peter McCann reports
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: no more walking on the wild side
With stock housed, Tommy Moyles had the chance to put the herd through the yard recently and noted the temperament differences in stock within the herd.
29 November 2023 Farmer Writes
Spring calving position on new Galway-based dairy farm
There are a variety of dairy farms across the country looking for workers. Here are a selection of jobs we have compiled this week.
25 November 2023 News
GAIN Pre-Calver Gold success on Laois farm
Dairy farmers Richard and Ian Galbraith discuss the success of supplementing GAIN Pre-Calver Gold to their 110-cow herd in Co Laois.
NI vet corner: milk fever comes in three stages
Jessica Warwick* highlights the main causes of milk fever and what can be done to reduce the risk.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: free from the shackles of TB
We are milking once a day for the last week and will continue with this for the rest of the season now, with both man and beast needing a break after a tough year.
15 November 2023 Farmer Writes
Watch: Sloyan’s suckler outfits hit €7,300 in Elphin
Adam Woods has the latest on last week’s special sale of commercial cattle for Gabriel Sloyan’s Victoria Farms.
13 November 2023 Markets