The last payment run for 2023 under the Areas of Natural Constraint and the eco scheme took place on Thursday 21 December.

According to the Department of Agriculture payments under the eco scheme will commence again on 2 January 2024 and from 3 January 2024 for the ANC.

The last payment for the Basic Income Support for Sustainability (BISS) and the Complementary Redistributive Income Support for Sustainability (CRISS) took place on 19 December 2023, with payments recommencing on 2 January 2024.

Scheme payments update

The latest Department of Agriculture scheme payments update shows €7.15m paid over the last week to 3,288 farmers under the eco scheme.

This brings the total sum paid to €287m to 114, 976 applicants. There was €0.6m paid to 220 farmers under the ANC, bringing total payments to €243.52m to 97,102 applicants.

There have also been payment runs across the majority of schemes over the last week. Payments worth €0.25m were made to 220 farmers under the National Beef Welfare Scheme, bringing total payments to €14.47m to 16,073 farmers.

A smaller sum of €0.09m was paid to 169 applicants in the Dairy Beef Welfare Scheme. This brings total payments to €5.15m paid to 8,135 herds.

Payments worth €0.14m were made under the Sheep Improvement Scheme, bringing the total sum paid to €19m to 16,939 applicants.

Tillage payments

Further payments of €0.9m were sanctioned under the Protein Aid Scheme following the previous week’s first payment run.

Payments now stand at €9.5m paid to 1,470 applicants.

Some €0.77m was paid under the Straw Incorporation Measure to another 147 applicants cleared for payments. This brings the total payments to €13.1m to 2,838 applicants under this scheme.

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