The entry of sheep in Dowra Mart on Friday last was reflective of the trend in all sales in recent weeks, with ewe hoggets dominating.

Manager Terry McGovern said some producers who had purchased ewe lambs to give an option of holding them for longer were now showing sheep.

This lot of 15 ewe hoggets with an average-to-good cover of flesh averaged 50kg and made €159.50 each.

He said the high prices of €160 to €170 recorded in recent weeks for hoggets is also attracting out producers who purchased ewe lambs with no intention of selling them this spring with some now selling a portion of hoggets on hand.

This lot of 12 ewe hoggets presented without feeding, averaged 40.5kg and sold for €121.

Prices were very much influenced by quality and flesh cover. Well-fleshed hoggets weighing from 50kg to 56kg sold from €157 to €166, with some comparable weight lots lacking flesh selling back to €150 or under.

This pen of nine crossbred cull ewes sold for €113 each.

Likewise, hoggets weighing 46kg to 48kg sold in a wide price range from €130 to €148.

Lighter lots weighing 40kg to 42kg sold from €115 to €120 for hoggets presented with no feeding to €130 to €135 for tight-woolled lots with a good cover of flesh.

This pen of eight quality three-year-old Suffolk ewes carrying 16 lambs to a Charollais/Texel-cross ram, made €210.

In-lamb ewes met an improved trade, with third- and fourth-crop ewes carrying twin lambs and in good condition selling from €190 to €210, while single lamb lots sold from €150 to €160.

Cull ewe entries have reduced significantly, as expected for the time of year.

This lot of 11 Charollais-cross ewe hoggets averaging 44.5kg made €137.

Fleshed ewes weighing 70kg to 80kg sold from €110 to €122, while heavier ewes sold to a top of €136 for ewes weighing 95kg.

This pen of 12 crossbred ewe hoggets averaging 39kg made €115.