Genosource Captain has stayed in number one position in the latest UK rankings of genomic Holstein sires.

With a new Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £944, it is the fourth time in a row that Captain has topped the table.

A new entrant, Wilra Knowhow, ranks in second position with the Kenobi son achieving a PLI of £909.

Closely behind on a PLI of £906 is third-placed Denovo 16219 Aladdin.

In the proven Holstein rankings, Westcoast Yamaska moved up from sixth position to number one spot.

As part of the latest bull run, 159 daughters were added to Yamaska’s genetic evaluation which took his PLI to £776.

A new index called EnviroCow was launched in the latest evaluation. According to AHDB, the best scores are achieved by bulls whose daughters are predicted to produce the least greenhouse gas emissions in their lifetimes for each kilogram of solids-corrected milk.

The index incorporates cow lifespan, milk production, fertility and another new index, Feed Advantage. Genosource Captain topped the EnviroCow rankings on a score of 5.1 and he came back with a Feed Advantage index of 260.

This means his daughters are predicted to save 260kg of dry matter intake during each lactation, compared to daughters of a bull of comparable production with a Feed Advantage of zero.